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Leveraging an LMS toGrow a SaaS Business

How Grow a SaaS Business Using an LMS

WorkWave LMS Case Study

For many SaaS (software as a service) providers, success rests on users’ ability to navigate their tools. To drive value and keep users coming back, the customer journey from prospect to full-fledged power user should be as simple and convenient as possible. 

However, all tools come with a learning curve, and software is no exception. Businesses are challenged to provide effective employee training, customer onboarding and ongoing support without spending too much time and resources. 

In this case study, we’ll dive into the nuanced training challenges faced by one SaaS provider, and how they used the TOPYX learning management system (LMS) tool to tackle them. You’ll learn about key LMS features for software training, opportunities for cost savings, and how to accomplish internal and external 

SaaS Spotlight: WorkWave logo

WorkWave is an award-winning software company. Their products help businesses and contractors in field service industries such as pest control, plumbing, delivery, landscaping, HVAC, and other home services manage daily operations like scheduling, route planning, and billing in streamlined, customer-friendly ways. 

This requires cultivating deep product knowledge and target industry expertise within its employees. It also demands a high standard of customer service. WorkWave had previously relied on in-person employee shadowing, and provided customers with videos and other materials to assist them through the software orientation process. 

Download the case study today and see how WorkWave used TOPYX to grow their SaaS business.

TOPYX LMS is flexible and customizable to support virtually every remote training need across multiple industries, from non-profits to corporations.

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